Prayer & Worship Resources

Some Prayers before Worship

Before we embark on any form of worship before God it is important to be properly prepared.  But what is it we are praying for? These are some suggestions followed by some specific prayers you may find useful:


We are praying:

  1. That God will accept the worship offered.
  2. That God's presence may be felt in the Church.
  3. That those leading the worship may have a strength and power beyond their own.
  4. That the members of the congregation may have a right Spirit of worship and that they may be receptive to God speaking to them.
  5. That strangers may come in - brought by members or by the direct prompting of God - and made welcome.
  6. That God's will may be done - and none other.

The following examples of prayers can be used either as they stand or as guidelines for a more free expression.


Your people have come here to worship:
They have come from differing situations and
with many differing needs.
We ask that in this service You will
meet with them and deal with those needs.
Keep not only our ears but also our
hearts and minds open;
For it is in this way that we can
receive Your power and strength.


Because we love You we have come together.
Help us to worship You in a right spirit;
Help us to be right with each other.
We do not ask for our problems and worries
to be taken away,
But just that they may be put into perspective.
As we give You worship and receive
strength may this happen.


Spirit of God,
Without Your presence our worship is in vain.
May each one of us feel You near,
May we be uplifted,
May our worship be true,
May we go from this place with Your
presence in our hearts.


Lord God You are here,
May we come to You with a mixture
of humility and joy
May we feel Your nearness
and learn from You.


Lord stop us from being just a cosy family.
Let us welcome strangers
as if they were You.
May all of us bring our worship,
as one people but also as individuals.


Father we pray:
That You will be with each person taking part
in leading this service:
May they be humble,
May they be clear,
May they do Your will,
May they know that You are guiding them.


It is not easy to be humble;
But in this service we ask for humility,
So that it is You who may be seen
by each person here.
May Your will be done.